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Difference in between Spiral Pipe and Carbon ERW Steel Pipe

Spiral pipes and Carbon ERW steel pipes are at present broadly used in our country. Spiral pipes and longitudinal electrical resistance welded pipes (ERW) are broadly utilized for oil and all-natural fuel transportation. There is a big difference amongst these two varieties of pipes, which are generally the distinction between the production process and the distinction among the raw materials. These two distinctions make the spiral pipe and the longitudinal resistance welded pipe have a massive big difference in the scope of use. Next, the spiral pipe (SSAW steel pipe) producer will speak to you about the certain difference between spiral pipe and ERW pipe.

1. The big difference in manufacturing method
The ERW longitudinal resistance welded pipe is a scorching-rolled coil formed by successive rolls, utilizing the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency existing to melt the edge of the coil, and strain welding is carried out underneath the effect of the squeeze roller force. generate. Therefore, the residual anxiety of ERW straight seam electric resistance welded steel pipe is comparatively little. Following welding seam heat treatment method, sizing, straightening, and hydraulic strain, the residual tension is additional launched and reduced. Practice has proved that the residual anxiety of ERW straight seam resistance welded pipe does not have an effect on the steel pipe for the duration of storage and use. With no any welding wire, the bodily properties and chemical composition of the weld are completely constant with the plate. The high quality of ERW pipe depends on the high quality of the sheet.

The steel plates for spiral pipes are welded with each other with welding wire by means of the spiral rotation of the unit. Soon after the steel plates are spirally rotated, the geometric stress is a lot more messy, and some even attain the yield restrict of the steel plate. click for info The spiral pipe will have a larger residual anxiety in the potential, and its residual pressure Is tensile pressure. After the steel pipe is subjected to inner stress, the pipe wall also has a circumferential tensile pressure, and the two superimposed, which weakens the steel pipe's bearing capacity. It is even a lot more insecure for the duration of use. The steel plates are welded with each other by welding wires containing chemical elements, and bubbles and sizzling cracks in the weld bead are prone to take place during the welding method. Make the weld and the base metal have clear distinctions in bodily properties and chemical composition. It is quite simple to lead to fantastic concentrated tension at the joint of the weld and the base metal. For the duration of the welding approach, the heat influence is excellent and the hardness is large.

two. Material big difference
The raw supplies utilized in ERW steel pipes are all hot-rolled coils made by typical big factories, and their chemical composition and physical properties are relatively stable.

3. Acquisition price and trouble of acquisition
The rewards of spiral pipes made by huge steel pipe plants in the petroleum and petrochemical technique are largely concentrated in the manufacturing of massive-diameter steel pipes, and the manufacturing value is relatively low. Even so, for steel pipes with tiny and medium diameters (à114mm~à355.6mm), the forming value is larger, which is even 8%~15% greater than ERW steel pipe.

Huge-scale spiral pipe factories often do not make little and medium-caliber spiral pipes, which can make it tough to purchase. The modest and medium diameter ERW steel pipes are very straightforward to buy simply because of the massive quantity of producers.

The over is the difference between spiral pipe and ERW pipe. These two types of steel pipes have made fantastic contributions to my country's oil and normal fuel transportation. Not only in China, but also abroad, these two sorts of pipes are also broadly utilized.

Guidelines: ASTM A53 Gr.B is the grade in ERW large frequency welded pipe, divided into A and B grades. ASTM is only a set of specs. ASTM steel pipe A53 A corresponds to the Chinese standard GB8163 raw materials is ten# steel, and A53 B corresponds to the Chinese regular GB8163 raw materials twenty#.
For instance: ASTM (regular) A53 (grade) gr is grade (abbreviation of grade) b (grade B)
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